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March 31, 2007

As this entry’s title suggest, today is a day for a physics lesson. Mind you, I come from a different time, an era whose knowledge is no less limited than this one’s, just limited differently. 21st century physicists will generally tell you that nothing can travel faster than electro-magnetic radiation. This is fortunately not the case. Let us imagine an object in space, perfectly surrounded by a stasis field. This object has a velocity of zero; id est, in relation to any other object in space no movement can be measured. Now, instantly, we drop the stasis field. How soon will that object be affected by the gravitational attraction of other objects in space, not just ones in relative proximity, but ones at mind-boggling distances? Instantly. The pull is immediate–not super-fast, not incredibly fast, but instantly, immeasurably fast, time=zero. Even if gravity can be spuriously defined as the effect of an object on the curvature of space, this information transferral takes place with zero time elapsed. Gravity is faster than light.

The next physics lesson by your alternative-science scientist will be on infinite velocity.



March 29, 2007

There seems to be some desire to avoid terminology such as ‘hocus-pocus’, in favor of less accurate phrases like ‘religion’. We can easily note that the word ‘religion’ is directly (not indirectly, not figuratively) derived from the word meaning ‘bound’ (as in ‘tied up’). This would be accurate enough, if there weren’t so many things in this new world which bind us. That is why I prefer the term ‘hocus-pocus’, focusing more on the magical aspects of religious thought, the catch-all ability of organized hocus-pocus to explain the unexplained. Not that anything is really explained, it is just classified under some mysterious X until further notice. That’s all well and good, except that infidels who have not discovered the glory of this X are kindly requested not to criticize any articles of faith. My beliefs, as the do not stem from any of the world’s major Hoci-Poci, are open to criticism.  Am I supposed to reach the conclusion that belief is unassailable so long as a hocus-pocus will claim it? Walk this path cautiously, young Cavebot, for it appears that there are spells being cast upon many eyes, making them see a threat where there is none. Should I conclude that faith is weak, and could not bear even a gentle tongue-lashing?

Three Hunj

March 28, 2007

I’ve been to the pictures to see “300”, based on a comic book by Frank Miller. Beware this Miller cat, the mastery of his ink is a trapping; behind it lurks some dangerous thought. The film teaches us a lot: the Persians (do you need reminding of their modern moniker?) are savage enslavers of the masses, seeking to destroy a glorious West. Just how glorious is the seedling civilization? Male babies are inspected for flaws, and if any are found, the babies are not permitted to live. At the age of seven, they are taken from their families and raised as ultimate warriors. What else do we learn? There are traitors to the glory of the Greek destiny. You can spot these traitors because they are either a) rejected by their native land on account of their physical deformities or b) they are politicians in the pay of the enemy and they are  opposed to an illegal war. They also happen to be rapists.

For a much more reasoned approach to this history (before it was used as political allegory in support of very precarious policy), read The Persians, by Aeschylus. This is the oldest play in existence, written a few years after the Persian defeat by a playwright who had fought in the war. It is the only Greek historical tragedy that has made it to us.

My mind is stranded

March 27, 2007

Encountered mental difficulties while navigating the timeways. Now a prisoner of the 21st century. Must investigate, will keep you posted.