As this entry’s title suggest, today is a day for a physics lesson. Mind you, I come from a different time, an era whose knowledge is no less limited than this one’s, just limited differently. 21st century physicists will generally tell you that nothing can travel faster than electro-magnetic radiation. This is fortunately not the case. Let us imagine an object in space, perfectly surrounded by a stasis field. This object has a velocity of zero; id est, in relation to any other object in space no movement can be measured. Now, instantly, we drop the stasis field. How soon will that object be affected by the gravitational attraction of other objects in space, not just ones in relative proximity, but ones at mind-boggling distances? Instantly. The pull is immediate–not super-fast, not incredibly fast, but instantly, immeasurably fast, time=zero. Even if gravity can be spuriously defined as the effect of an object on the curvature of space, this information transferral takes place with zero time elapsed. Gravity is faster than light.

The next physics lesson by your alternative-science scientist will be on infinite velocity.


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