Micro-Molds from the Pastryverse

I’ve invented a cake, and that reminded me to remind you that, when making a cake, put the dry ingredients in last, and as soon as the flour etc. is incorporated into the batter, stop fucking with it. Give it a few minutes of repos, so the salts can absorb some of the liquid and get it full of bubbles. Then the liquid is baked out of the bubbles; the texture is deceptively light. My cake tonight, I substituted some of the flour with dried, grated coconut, which I lightly toasted and then added a (healthy) shot of Cointreau, and let that steam away slowly. There’s also loads of lemon juice in it. I made it in four different micro-molds. Cooking time varies based on form.


One Response to “Micro-Molds from the Pastryverse”

  1. John Says:

    About these micro-molds, did you stack them making a layer cake, arrange them on a plate or serving tray with some design in mind or are the just individual cakes? Also, are you able to send me samples of these cakes via “Aqua-Mail”? Thanks!

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