Doesn’t Mean Shit

So many people knew it was a bad idea, an immoral idea, an indulgence of greed and folly, and these people weren’t silent. They said, Don’t fucking do it. Yet the agenda was set, all statements about alternatives being pursued were fallacious bones tossed to the masses. And yes, the masses were right: invading Iraq was stupid and wrong and has played out at least as badly as anyone had thought it would. And saying, I told you so? It doesn’t mean shit. Or rather, whether the perpetrators had been forewarned or not, it means: 600,000 lives destroyed, national treasure emptied into pools of blood and shrapnel, misery for millions, and disgust and heartbreak at humanity’s inhumanity for billions. It’s a monolith we’re up against. It has no ears. Its only sensory organ is its mouth–feed yourself to it or be ignored. When it has fed on everything and out of the shit and ashes of such wasted potential (here I’m talking about humankind), anyone saying I told you so will be laughed at by the universe.


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