Just one kiss…

In honor of International Allegory Day, I present you with the story of the neighborhood pizzeria. You see, you live in a neighborhood with a lot of pizzerias. Perhaps one of them is your favorite, while at the same time you can recognize the qualities of others (their crust is better, they have better sauce, and those guys know that camembert doesn’t belong on pizza). And then there is that one pizzeria you’ve walked past hundreds of times, but for whatever reason, you’ve never tried. They’ve invited you in, but you have declined (it was the moment, your cravings were elsewhere, you’d just had a snack–you know the excuses you choose to use). Let it be a rule of thumb: try that joint. Think of the tears and frustration if, after years in your neighborhood, you eat there on the day you’ve packed up and moved house, and it turns out to be the best. Not just among the better ones– the best. Hundreds of pies have gone done your gullet, and now, as you prepare to say goodbye for good and move across town, to another town, out of the country even, you discover who the real master is, the one whose pizzas sing to your sad heart. This allegory brought to you by a young cavebot who thought you should perhaps consider this…


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