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May 9, 2014

Just because Cavebot wanders the paths of time doesn’t mean he was not born of woman and man. Cavebot has parents. They are married. They got married because they loved each other; they have stayed married because they still love each other. The marriage was entered into freely and willingly, as were the roles each plays in the marriage. The children they had were each born of love.
I have lately read about school-girls abducted by cowards. I have also read how these girls have been forced into marriage with their captors. I have read similar things about 9 year old girls being given in marriage in other places. I find this offensive. I also find it offensive that the word ‘marriage’ is used in these cases. Are we so delicate that we can read about such foul evil, but cannot call the matter by its true name? Marriage is what my parents have. What these girls are victim of, this is not marriage. This is sexual slavery, this is domestic slavery. The men who hold them, who rape them, who force their will on them, these are not husbands. They are slave masters. They disgust all humans who have souls. I ask journalists to show some courage, and do as Menander suggests–call a fig a fig. This would not be ‘losing objectivity’, nor ‘editorializing’. This would be honesty, an honesty that should be easy to come by when faced with the blatant evil of the enemies of humanity.


Crazy (Weather)

May 7, 2014

Since I make excursions all over the time-lines, people come to me quite often here in this early-21st century to ask about climate change. “Is it real?” they ask. I’m no scientist, I’m a chrono-voyageur, a tourist of a different sort. “What do your scientists say?” I respond. And the fear in their eyes…

Yes, I have seen the consequences of HUMAN CAUSED climate change. You have, too. Remember how you were wondering what was up with all the crazy weather?

I cannot reveal the future to you, bleak as it may be, for the future I see is not destiny. I’m not talking in terms of an alternate-universe theory, but the workings of time are complicated. What I can tell you is that climate change as it is now occurring (and worsening) can be faced in three general ways:

1. Action through lifestyle changes. This means a major alteration in the way you live and the way society is organized. This means: more telecomuting to work; longer obligatory vacations, so international travel by boat is possible; service rather than goods-based economies (you’ll have nicer stuff, just less of it); darker cities at night; widespread vegetarianism; etc.

2. Inaction: the most likely route. This will result in massive suffering: water wars; population displacement; starvation; epidemic disease; civil violence; etc. Centuries of regression before humanity sets foot on a new path of progress.

3. Genocide: as entire countries develop, their populations will want what the developed world has enjoyed for at least the last half-century. For climate change to be slowed, this is not possible without the most extreme lifestyle changes in the developed world. That being highly unlikely, excuses will be found, if they are even necessary, for the systematic destruction of entire populations through war, disease (or withholding of treatments), mass-sterilization, etc. Do not think this does not already occur, just on a lesser scale. The question is already being asked: Which will you sacrifice– some luxury and comfort, or your brothers and sisters in another part of the globe? It does come down to that, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

You may now return to your iScreens.

What are we–dogs? (Class and Race, Part II)

April 29, 2014

I’ve seen your future, so you must believe me–skin-color is becoming more homogenous, especially in countries such as the United States and Brazil. That shouldn’t be the necessary factor, however, for the current generations to overcome racism. Since I know it best, let me comment on race in America (it seems to be a hot topic, yes?):

1. ‘Race’ comes from a word meaning ‘root’. In America, everybody’s ancestors (even the Amerindians, if we can go back about 30000 years) uprooted themselves to go to the new world, whether by choice or by force. At the moment of this uprooting, they (and consequently you) were déracinés (un-rooted, and thus de-raced). Once on American soil ‘race’ was a thing of the past. Get it?

2. Make sure you are not confusing ‘race’ with ‘class’. Certain peoples have historically belonged to certain social classes (by force, then by the force of institutional tradition). When you express racial hatred, you might be transferring your class hatred. This is necessary because we must simultaneously think that we have a nation of equals yet process the empiric evidence that shows we don’t.

3. Some forms of racial hatred/bias may be simply from a poor education in aesthetics, namely, thinking that there is arguing over taste.

There isn’t.

You not liking someone’s looks, or their social behavior, or their taste in culture, this is a matter of personal aesthetics. Your tastes are not superior to those of others, they are different. You must keep in mind:

de gustibus non disputandum est.

More on the cures for racism (long-term) later.


Anarchy, Part I (Addendum)

April 27, 2014

When I expressed my distaste for murderers and rapists, and implied that these lowlifes are partly responsible for the continued existence of the violent authority of ‘justice’ systems, I failed to mention another group. These are the pimps. They are just awful, despite being portrayed as cool in too much of our cultural product. I would compare them to that which I scrape off my shoe, but I have too much esteem for dog shit to compare it to a pimp. Traders in human flesh, as bad as a slave trader or a slave master; in fact, let’s not make any distinction.
Hear that, pimp? You are less than shit. Change. Stop doing the vile thing that you do. You lower us all just by existing. Take the time to fuck off, you foul loser.

Anarchy, Part II

April 22, 2014

I’m telling you here in your present, because I know you all want a future:
The only reason anyone should starve is if everyone is starving.
Other than that, no excuse.

Anarchy, Part I

April 19, 2014

The ‘Annual Time-Travelling Anarchists Convention’ has just taken place (I won’t try to explain how we, as surfers of the time waves, calculate ‘annual’). The focus this year (that year?) was, as it so often is, misconceptions about anarchy. Since trying to explain fully what we mean by anarchy to people with ‘democratic values’ is like trying to explain democracy to a bunch of cavemen (I know, I’ve tried), we’ll take this slowly.

1) Although the existence of police, judges, and jailers in our societies is undesirable, we find murderers and rapists to be far less desirable.

Mull over that for a while; perhaps the image of the trench-coated bomb-tosser will start to fade away.
More to come.

Class and Race

April 11, 2014

Remember, after today’s lesson there’ll be a 10K run. Bring your thinking caps and sneakers!

Political Economics

June 12, 2007

First Postulate: If money gets to decide, it always chooses itself.

Slipped into other research zone. Will return shortly.

This is what it’s come to, and you still don’t take to the streets?

May 16, 2007

Friends, I am in need of a definition: while listening to some of this time-zone’s more feeble excuses for politicians speak last night (re: Republican candidate debate), the phrase “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” came up repeatedly (like my dinner at the thought of what this might mean). Justement, what does this mean? Enhanced, like how? The interrogators speak more loudly? The lights are brighter in the interrogation cell? The questions have been refined by psychologists to the point that there is no confusion in the mind of the detainee? Or even better, they are so well-crafted that they trick the prisoner into giving more information than he was asked for? To hear the audience hoot and holler every time a candidate upped the ante on the extreme measures he would take if elected president, can only make one think of decadent Romans, spoiled by generations of sloth as slaves did all their labor, crying for an ever-increasing spillage of slave-blood into the sands of the arena.
Enhanced Interrogation Techniques:  an example of how Newspeak creeps into our language. If you want to deny people (and yes, these detainees are actually people) of habeas corpus, you’re going to; if you want to torture them, at least have the courage to call it what it is. But that’s right: “America Doesn’t Torture”.

And we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

“The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.” Georgie

Veritas Inhonesta

May 14, 2007

Due to interference from massive explosions, the time-waves are disrupted and can’t be clearly read. For this reason, I, Cavebot, am unable to tell what future history will have determined to be the truth. But for those who think that official history is satisfactory, think again: it appears we don’t know what really happened on 11 september 2001 in New York, or in the months leading up to the destruction of the WTC. Go to News of Paris and watch the documentary 9/11 Mysteries. As a temporal wanderer and specialist in causality, I must remain open to the idea of unforeseen effects of causes, and vice versa, and I await a response to this documentary on the part of the partisans of “official history”. I will gladly listen to them address each question raised by the documentary, so long as they do it point by point, and scientifically. If you don’t think you deserve the truth, no matter how horrible it may be, then I’m not sure what you deserve.