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May 3, 2014

Knowing what I know as I drift along the time breeze, I have to say that series (television, comic, etc) which are episodic are more to my liking. They are, in fact, more natural, the way they imitate the constant re-upping of reality which you call ‘the dawn of a new day’. The trend these days is for continuity–no longer do we see our friends the characters embarking on a new adventure each week/month; now, a whole series is really like a 20+ hour movie. Unnatural–the directness of causality is not generally so obvious in nature: links between unrelated events and players reveal themselves much later. These continuity series lay it all out for you, acting as if the universe operates in a manner that makes all the causal links part of the same chain. Not so.
And on that note, I do not welcome comments from you lovers of the Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, House of Cards, True Detective et al. The forum for discussing such awesomeness is not lacking, you do not need to let Cavebot know how wrong you find him.  I lay before you the greatest American television series of all time (list non-exhaustive):

5. Law and Order: Criminal Intent
4. Rawhide
3. The Twilight Zone
2. South Park
1. Star Trek (original series)

Honorable Mentions, Special Categories:
Land of the Lost (Best Documentary Series) and
Monday Night Football (Best Religious Program).


What are we–dogs? (Class and Race, Part II)

April 29, 2014

I’ve seen your future, so you must believe me–skin-color is becoming more homogenous, especially in countries such as the United States and Brazil. That shouldn’t be the necessary factor, however, for the current generations to overcome racism. Since I know it best, let me comment on race in America (it seems to be a hot topic, yes?):

1. ‘Race’ comes from a word meaning ‘root’. In America, everybody’s ancestors (even the Amerindians, if we can go back about 30000 years) uprooted themselves to go to the new world, whether by choice or by force. At the moment of this uprooting, they (and consequently you) were déracinés (un-rooted, and thus de-raced). Once on American soil ‘race’ was a thing of the past. Get it?

2. Make sure you are not confusing ‘race’ with ‘class’. Certain peoples have historically belonged to certain social classes (by force, then by the force of institutional tradition). When you express racial hatred, you might be transferring your class hatred. This is necessary because we must simultaneously think that we have a nation of equals yet process the empiric evidence that shows we don’t.

3. Some forms of racial hatred/bias may be simply from a poor education in aesthetics, namely, thinking that there is arguing over taste.

There isn’t.

You not liking someone’s looks, or their social behavior, or their taste in culture, this is a matter of personal aesthetics. Your tastes are not superior to those of others, they are different. You must keep in mind:

de gustibus non disputandum est.

More on the cures for racism (long-term) later.


Anarchy, Part I (Addendum)

April 27, 2014

When I expressed my distaste for murderers and rapists, and implied that these lowlifes are partly responsible for the continued existence of the violent authority of ‘justice’ systems, I failed to mention another group. These are the pimps. They are just awful, despite being portrayed as cool in too much of our cultural product. I would compare them to that which I scrape off my shoe, but I have too much esteem for dog shit to compare it to a pimp. Traders in human flesh, as bad as a slave trader or a slave master; in fact, let’s not make any distinction.
Hear that, pimp? You are less than shit. Change. Stop doing the vile thing that you do. You lower us all just by existing. Take the time to fuck off, you foul loser.

Anarchy, Part II

April 22, 2014

I’m telling you here in your present, because I know you all want a future:
The only reason anyone should starve is if everyone is starving.
Other than that, no excuse.

Anarchy, Part I

April 19, 2014

The ‘Annual Time-Travelling Anarchists Convention’ has just taken place (I won’t try to explain how we, as surfers of the time waves, calculate ‘annual’). The focus this year (that year?) was, as it so often is, misconceptions about anarchy. Since trying to explain fully what we mean by anarchy to people with ‘democratic values’ is like trying to explain democracy to a bunch of cavemen (I know, I’ve tried), we’ll take this slowly.

1) Although the existence of police, judges, and jailers in our societies is undesirable, we find murderers and rapists to be far less desirable.

Mull over that for a while; perhaps the image of the trench-coated bomb-tosser will start to fade away.
More to come.

Class and Race

April 11, 2014

Remember, after today’s lesson there’ll be a 10K run. Bring your thinking caps and sneakers!

Terminology and Balance

March 29, 2014

From my omni-chronic perspective, whole decades can seem like flashes. For this reason, in nothing but a seeming flash, a new term has entered the economic narrative (and we know who the story-tellers are!). I refer to the upper-classes referring to themselves as ‘job-creators’. Cute!

Now, for the sake of balance (without which, the present risks to slip back into the past–you know what I’m saying, Rockefeller!) I declare that is fine, let them call themselves ‘job-creators’ if that–along with whiskey, ‘scripts, and human-trafficked blow-jobs–helps them sleep at night. The workers, though, getting back some balance, shall be referred to as ‘Wealth-Creators’. It’s easily just as accurate, without needing to remind you all of primary resources, value-added, etc.

So, Mr. Wealthy, don’t you be forgetting who created that wealth (which you love), just as we won’t be forgetting who created that job (which we…have–if we’re lucky in our precarity).

This message brought to you by “Commentary isn’t journalism–if you don’t pay for your news, you’re going to pay in a much worse way than cash”.

Did somebody ask for seconds?

March 24, 2014

Ahh, sweet relativity–to you (if you’re out there) I was away for years, nearly seven; to me, it was only seconds since I last wrote here. I felt myself slipping into the chronosphere, but I slipped back, as if jarred out of oncoming sleep by a muscle twitch. I guess I have some catching up to do. How exactly is the 21st Century going? Everybody over that cel phone thing by now? The free market has been declared an utter failure? Major action has been taken to slow down climate change? I can’t imagine the world otherwise, seeing how humanity is the flower of the universe.

Cavebot Versipellis

June 12, 2007

My nature is changing. Do not yet know the source. The grand unified theory is on its way. It will be wrong.

Where is my mind?

June 5, 2007

Because no one has dared to ask, I present you with the list of What A Young Cavebot Thinks About Most, in descending order:

1) This one girl

2) My research

3) Upcoming meals

4) This other girl

5) The correction of unjust socio-economic systems

Do you have thoughts as well, these pesky things that enter our minds mysteriously, of unknown origin, and occupy the days of our brain? What are these ethereal invaders? What is the source of their seemingly unlimited energy? Why are they perpetual, and not intermittent? What are you wearing? Do you have a boyfriend? So many questions…