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May 9, 2014

Just because Cavebot wanders the paths of time doesn’t mean he was not born of woman and man. Cavebot has parents. They are married. They got married because they loved each other; they have stayed married because they still love each other. The marriage was entered into freely and willingly, as were the roles each plays in the marriage. The children they had were each born of love.
I have lately read about school-girls abducted by cowards. I have also read how these girls have been forced into marriage with their captors. I have read similar things about 9 year old girls being given in marriage in other places. I find this offensive. I also find it offensive that the word ‘marriage’ is used in these cases. Are we so delicate that we can read about such foul evil, but cannot call the matter by its true name? Marriage is what my parents have. What these girls are victim of, this is not marriage. This is sexual slavery, this is domestic slavery. The men who hold them, who rape them, who force their will on them, these are not husbands. They are slave masters. They disgust all humans who have souls. I ask journalists to show some courage, and do as Menander suggests–call a fig a fig. This would not be ‘losing objectivity’, nor ‘editorializing’. This would be honesty, an honesty that should be easy to come by when faced with the blatant evil of the enemies of humanity.