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Crazy (Weather)

May 7, 2014

Since I make excursions all over the time-lines, people come to me quite often here in this early-21st century to ask about climate change. “Is it real?” they ask. I’m no scientist, I’m a chrono-voyageur, a tourist of a different sort. “What do your scientists say?” I respond. And the fear in their eyes…

Yes, I have seen the consequences of HUMAN CAUSED climate change. You have, too. Remember how you were wondering what was up with all the crazy weather?

I cannot reveal the future to you, bleak as it may be, for the future I see is not destiny. I’m not talking in terms of¬†an alternate-universe theory, but the workings of time are complicated. What I can tell you is that climate change as it is now occurring (and worsening) can be faced in three general ways:

1. Action through lifestyle changes. This means a major alteration in the way you live and the way society is organized. This means: more telecomuting to work; longer obligatory vacations, so international travel by boat is possible; service rather than goods-based economies (you’ll have nicer stuff, just less of it); darker cities at night; widespread vegetarianism; etc.

2. Inaction: the most likely route. This will result in massive suffering: water wars; population displacement; starvation; epidemic disease; civil violence; etc. Centuries of regression before humanity sets foot on a new path of progress.

3. Genocide: as entire countries develop, their populations will want what the developed world has enjoyed for at least the last half-century. For climate change to be slowed, this is not possible without the most extreme lifestyle changes in the developed world. That being highly unlikely, excuses will be found, if they are even necessary, for the systematic destruction of entire populations through war, disease (or withholding of treatments), mass-sterilization, etc. Do not think this does not already occur, just on a lesser scale. The question is already being asked: Which will you sacrificeРsome luxury and comfort, or your brothers and sisters in another part of the globe? It does come down to that, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

You may now return to your iScreens.