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Stop Making Sense

May 26, 2014

Every once in a while, Cavebot must implore journalists to watch their words. This time has arisen once again: in the wake of another mass killing at an educational facility (need I tell you what lesson we ought to be learning?), I keep being told that Americans are trying to ‘make sense’ of the murders. What is the ‘sense’ that we hope to ‘make’ of this brutality? The problem is that logic must be reshaped if this insanity is going to have any part in it. Let me recap what has happened these past couple of centuries: violent conquest of continent, unforeseen weaponry when granting specific rights, culture of alienation and acclimation towards violence, periodic mass-killings in competitive society pitting its members against each other. There, that’s the sense we can make of it. Anything else is begging for increased double-think abilities because honesty about what is going on hurts too much.

So please, holster your weapons, try not to think about your shitty job, try not to think about the meaninglessness within the cult of individualism, and try not to think about your tiny cock.