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Get Yourself Some Olaf

May 10, 2014

Raise your drinking glasses and put on your reading ones, friends! He who propelled his mind through time, the great writer Olaf Stapledon, would have celebrated his 128th birthday today. His imagination is of such great power that it seems to be a physical force. This year, I recommend for you who are lucky enough to find a copy, Darkness and the Light. Learn the paths we may follow, we humans of today who are but tomorrow’s cavemen. Thank you, Olaf, today and forever.


Olaf turns 121!

May 10, 2007

A shout out to Olaf Stapledon, supreme master, the great one, receiver of stories from the eighteenth human species living on Neptune in a couple of billion years. Homer ain’t got nothing on you! If he wrote it, you go and read it, o.k.? May I recommend Last and First Men (that’ll teach you some stuff about where we end up going). He’s also got a book about a disembodied mind wandering the space- and time-ways (it’s called Starmaker), one about a brainy sheepdog (no, really–Sirius), and another about a scrawny precursor to where this evolution business might be taking us (Odd John). Thank you, Olaf, for putting pen to paper. And happy hundred twenty-first.

“Seeing the depth we shall see also the height”